Providing Scanning Services at the Bridge Clinic

Experienced sonographers

We have extensive experience in obstetric, pelvic, abdominal and vascular ultrasound and use modern high resolution ultrasound equipment 

Pregnancy Scanning



We have considerable experience in all areas of Gynaecological scanning. Including general Gynaecology, Infertility, Women's  Healthcare  and Ovarian Screening .

Gynaecology Scanning

Peace of Mind

Our experienced Vascular Technologists have extensive knowledge and are able to accurately assess your arteries and veins for disease.

Vein and Artery Scanning

Extensive Experience

Abdominal ultrasound is usually the first line of investigation for the abdominal organs. We have extensive knowledge and experience in this field.

Abdominal Ultrasound

Your Local Ultrasound Scanning Service 

Amersham Sonographers provide a private ultrasound scanning service based at  The Bridge Clinic in Maidenhead.

About Us

At Amersham Sonographers, we provide a comprehensive pregnancy, gynaecological, general abdominal and vascular ultrasound service.  

Nikki Stillwell and Karen Croft are experienced and highly qualified sonographers with more than 20 years scanning experience. We are members of the Society of Radiographers, HCPC registered and are both Accredited Vascular Technologists. We have CQC cover. 

We scan at the Bridge Clinic, Maidenhead. 

Scan appointments are available during evenings and weekends. Partners and close friends are welcome to attend.  For pregnancy scans pictures of your baby are available.

Sign a form to confirm that they are happy with us holding some of their personal details. Your data will only be on our system and the system at the clinic/hospital where you are scanned.

At no time will be shared with any other individual or organisation other than your referring clinician without your express permission.

Contact us, on 07798 830561 or 07992 226072 or email us.